Telkom Kenya Makes it Even Easier to Top-up From M-PESA With New Menu

telkom free data

telkom free dataMobile data wars have always been a norm in Kenya, and for the most part, consumers benefit from the tussles because operators are tasked to front bargains to appeal to their customers.

Telkom Kenya, for instance, is known for its tens of data products that have been developed to be attractive to different consumers and their internet needs. The carrier is also known for offering affordable data products and further made their deals sweeter by adding more data units to already attractive subscriptions.

Obviously, this development came at a time when market leader Safaricom revamped its offerings by eliminating expiry dates from their data purchases. Safaricom also introduced a deal where users can purchase substantial amounts of data if they spend more. Customers can also buy internet-accessing nuggets for as little as KES 1.

We can say the same thing about Airtel Kenya that also followed the trend by making its offerings way, way attractive.

Easier Telkom Kenya top-ups

Telkom appears to have made credit refills from M-PESA an easy process following a feature we saw in the *544# menu. The shortcode, which is used across all Kenya networks to purchase data bundles has its first package identifier linked to direct M-PESA top-ups should a user choose to do so.


All you have to do is follow the prompts:

1. Top up via M-PESA

2. Top up your number or a friend’s

3. Enter the amount needed

4. Enter M-PESA number and lastly;

5. Authenticate the purchase by entering your M-PESA PIN on a called STK menu. 

This is menu is obviously a move that aims to entice you to purchase Telkom airtime from M-PESA. It is a simplified process than using cumbersome paybill numbers.

We have also noticed that it does not charge users any processing fees, which is a plus to me and is unlike other options that attract a small fee.

M-PESA and Telkom Kenya’s T-Kash have been co-existing for a while, where transactions to and from one product attract the same fees. However, sending cash from M-PESA to T-Kash is a long process (by design) unless you are using the mySafaricom app. And even if it were easy, it is chaotic locating a T-Kash agent more than a year after the service launched, but that is a story for another day.