How Technology has Greatly Improved the Gaming Industry

online gaming

Technology and gaming are hand-in-hand when it comes to improving the overall gaming experience of gamers and players worldwide. Gaming has drastically changed in the last few decades and it is mainly because of the constant improvement of technology.

What used to be games that can only be played with gaming consoles can now be played on laptops or even mobile devices like a tablet and smartphone. Who would have thought battle royale-style games can be played on mobile devices at least 10 years ago?

Real money or casino games can now be played online through mobile devices as well. You can easily download a betting app where you can place your wagers and play mobile casino games. Definitely, technology has made gaming more accessible to many people all over the world.

Aside from accessibility, there are many more ways that technology was able to help the gaming industry to get where it is today. Here are ways that technology helped improved the gaming experience of players anywhere in the world.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has played an important part when it comes to the development of many games. It helped games appear more realistic. Games that we play these days are way different from the ones available before.

Game scenarios now heavily rely on the choices and movements of the characters that we play. Unlike before, the things that we can do on video games are limited. Games are more interactive because of Artificial Intelligence. Just think of the timely crowd cheers when you’re playing NBA or FIFA. That’s also thanks to AI tech.

  • Online and Mobile Gaming

Online gaming has started around 1970s and it has come a long way. For sure, playing games online is a cheaper alternative because there are now so many different games that you could play on the internet. These online games won’t even require you to have a gaming console.

Modern mobile gaming has mainly started when mobile phones were released to the market. Old-school games like Snake and Space Impact were the favorites of many before. When smartphones were released, mobile gaming changed the industry forever.

Many game developers are now more focused on developing mobile versions of console games. This makes sense because right now, there are over 4 billion people who are using smartphones. The mobile audience is simply bigger than the population of people who are willing to spend money on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Both virtual and augmented reality are now seen as the future of the gaming industry. In 2016, when Oculus released its first VR device, the demands of games that can be played with VR devices also rose. As more people get to afford VR devices, more games will be produced to cater to their audience.

Augmented reality is no different. Popular games that are powered by this is Pokemon Go and Ingress. There’s just really the thrill of mixing reality into the games that we play. If VR takes you into a whole new world, AR can make the real world immerse with a different world.

  • Graphics

Nowadays, there are gamers who would only get or buy a game just because of its graphics. It’s amazing how far technology has gone when it comes to improving the graphics of the games that we play. This is why many old-school games are being released once again with their remastered versions.

Games like the Resident Evil series, Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, and many other more are now making a comeback. Players are simply excited to see what these games would look like with today’s technology.

Remastered games usually have the same storylines. What’s really improved in these games are the graphics and the things you can do with your character. Games that are remastered make use of its original source material and redoing it with modern capabilities.

  • Game Price

There was a time when a Play Station game was priced at 50 bucks apiece. Note that back then, consoles weren’t as powerful as they are now. A short game back then would really cost a lot. However, since games right now can be downloaded online, they are generally cheaper.

You can even get games for as low as 1 USD. PlayStation Store usually put games on sale during specific seasons. If you ask many gamers these days, they probably have way too many games on their queues because games are now just really cheaper.