Exclusive: Infinix Kenya Country Manager On Its Upcoming 5G Smartphones, Company Plans and More

Mike Zhang Infinix Kenya Country Manager During the launch of the Note 10 series
Mike Zhang Infinix Kenya Country Manager During the launch of the Note 10 series

Infinix has a really good year so far, especially in the country. Since last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been releasing smartphones catering for different market segments with their budget Hot series, Note and Zero line.

Mike Zhang took over the company’s role as the country manager for Kenya early last year in February 2020 right before the pandemic had started in Kenya.

In an exclusive interview with Techweez, Mike goes into what the company is up to and what the future holds for Infinix right beyond smartphones.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How’s the Kenyan market approaching your non-smartphone tech products.

For Infinix, we are now focussing on other consumer tech gadgets, including TVs, smartphone accessories like headphonesearphones, and even Laptops. The sales are really good both online and offline market and we meet consumers wherever they are.

The Infinix 2021 Concept Phone. Can you talk about it?

At Infinix, we invest a lot in research and development in brand new technology for our phones. We bring high-end features to our entry-level and mid-range smartphones which ensures consumers get the best features at affordable prices.

Some of the features of the Infinix Concept might trickle to our other smartphones – so watch out for that.

What are the Company’s challenges and opportunities?

Kenya is a really potential market and with new players coming, the competition is getting hotter.

We have been operating in the country since 2014 and our advantage is that we understand our market in terms of what consumers want and we try and meet their needs and we are very confident.

We prioritize our consumer’s needs and that gives us an edge over our competitors in Kenya and other markets Infinix operates in.

Do you think you’ll bring the Infinix laptop to Kenya?

For now, we’re still researching the Kenyan market and it’s too early to say when we’ll bring it.

With Infinix’s existing portfolio of tech products, do you think the company is meeting consumers expectations?

We are getting really good feedback on our other tech products.

Infinix has just launched the Note 10 series – what are your favourite features?

I have been using the Note 10 Pro. I love the processor – the Helio G95 chip is faster than the Note 8 that I have previously been using.

I love the screen too- the size and how the high refresh rate makes the display smooth.

The battery life is my favourite feature since I am a heavy user complemented by the fast charging capability.

Improved and longer battery life is really important to the African market.

5G Phones. Where does Infinix Stand?

We are planning to launch a 5G device later this year. We already have the device and we are currently testing it.

Safaricom already has 5G at their main headquarter and at Two Rivers Mall. The carrier will be erecting more antennas around Nairobi and Western Kenya.

Even though the demand is still catching up, we’ll be launching a 5G Infinix smartphone very soon.

Plans for the second part of 2021

Our plan each year is to bring products with better experiences for our Kenyan consumers. We’ll soon be bringing the Note 11 series and our flagship Zero X series to the country.

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