Twitter to Allow Users to Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

This feature is rolling out on Twitter for the web in its initial test period


Twitter recently announced new social privacy tools that it will be testing to make users experience on the platform more private.

The social media platform has now embarked on one of the features – the ability to remove a follower from your follower list without blocking them. The only way to make someone who followed you was to block them or an easier option was to mute them.

Twitter is now testing a new “remove this follower” feature that can now quickly remove follower(s) when you click the followers’ tab right from your profile. This means that your tweets will not appear on their feed.

When you click on your follower’s list, a three-dot icon will appear right next to the “following” button and tapping on the dots will allow you to “remove this follower

Previously, to make someone unfollow you, you had to block and unblock them and this feature reduces that friction.

This feature is welcome for users trying to cut off followers especially new ones who come to ignite threats and harassment.

Twitter’s “remove this follower’ feature joins other anti-abuse features the company is working on including a safety mode that limits unwelcome tweets by automatically blocking accounts for seven days for using potentially harmful language including hateful remarks, insults or sending repetitive and uninvited replies or mentions. 

Other social privacy features include letting users hide their public likes, allowing users to archive old tweets after a set amount of time and lastly a feature that will let you remove yourself from a conversation.

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