Instagram Would Be Perfect for Me if It Had This One Feature

Instagram should surprise me by copying this feature from Twitter - It has cloned enough features from TikTok!


Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms right after Twitter and TikTok.

The Meta-owned social network has been launching new features much to my delight so I end up staying longer on the app. Features like Reels, the ability to post directly from the desktop browser, links in Stories for everyone and my favourite – Suggested Posts.

Instagram has been testing new features copied from rival platforms like TikTok to make the platform more enticing for younger users. Some of them have turned out pretty well for them but there are more features that they can implement to make the experience more enjoyable at least for me.

One feature that I badly need Instagram to have is Lists. For once Instagram should look to Twitter and copy this feature that has become integral to how I spend my time on the app.

Lists are so important especially if you have multiple interests and they would be so handy for a visual-centric platform like Instagram.

I have a variety of interests that range from memes, travel-inspo, photography, tech, food, to music and film. Twitter already has separate tabs on its app just for lists to create swipeable alternative timelines from the home tab and I believe Instagram can recreate the same feature.

My suggestion is to place them right below the Stories tab. This would make it easy for me to follow my interests without having to follow actual accounts or to create different accounts just to follow my niche topics.

Posts from accounts in my lists will appear in my swipeable timelines instead of my main feed. The time spent on Instagram would quadruple and I would even forget that TikTok exists.

There’s a ton of features Instagram should have but Lists would so heaven-sent for me – I would literally pay for it if it was launched as a premium feature à la Twitter Blue.

This also raises another question – Should Instagram have a premium subscription?

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