After months of teasing, Twitter is finally bringing the edit button. The edit feature has been the most anticipated feature and would allow people to quickly edit their tweets especially to correct typos.

The social media company has been going back and forth regarding this feature and how to put rules around it as bad actors could go and edit their tweets to avoid being cancelled with “this you” tweets.

They’re finally bringing it to a select number of users before shipping it to Twiter Blue which is the platform’s paid subscription service costing $4.99.

Twitter says that the Edit Tweet feature will allow you to change your tweet which includes removing typos. The edited tweets will have a label so that other users on Twitter will know that the tweet has been edited with versions of the original tweet.

You’ll have 30 minutes to edit the tweet once you’ve published the original tweet.

The Edit Tweet feature will now outrank Twitter’s features such as CircleSpacesits Collab featureSuper Follows feature and Twitter Blue.

The Edit Tweet feature got attention this year when Elon Musk asked his followers if they wanted an edit button. This was when the Tesla CEO snapped a 9.2% stake($2.9 billion) making him the largest shareholder on Twitter. 

He is no longer interested in buying the company. The billionaire is pulling out of his $44 Billion bid to buy Twitter.