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Android Has an Emoji Problem and it Has Everything to Do With Slow Updates

There's a way to fix this. It's called "releasing timely updates" but that's probably not happening, sigh!

Monopoly Wants You To Vote If They Should Add Hashtags And Emojis As Game Pieces

In the future, you might see emojis and hashtags on Monopoly

Unicode Approved Google’s Emojis That Displayed People in Different Professions

You may think we have emojis of everything but it is surprising to notice that there are still gaps to be covered in this...

Google has proposed various emojis that show women in various professions

  There are over 800 emojis and they represent a myriad of things from symbols to food to facial expressions. Although they seem many in...

WhatsApp has added a ton of new emojis in the latest update for Android

  A while ago, WhatsApp released an update to its mobile apps where they introduced a number of emojis, which included nerdy ones like the...

Russia Toying with the Idea of Banning Same-Sex Emojis

  Russia may be planning to ban emojis presumed gay or promoting same-sex causes since they go against a law passed in 2013 that is...

Emojis Can Now Be Used As Passwords

Want to express your disappointment? Depressed? Ecstatic? There's an emoji character for each one of those emotions. Emoji characters are today being used by...