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Android OS update: Google Apps

So Google managed to update several devices without issuing a point update, i.e. 4.3. Here we'll look at five Key apps they updated: Maps, Play...
android jelly bean

Android 4.3 pops up in searches on Google developer site

Google I/O is expected to start in a few hours, and speculation is rife. Many people expected that Google will finally unveil the next version of...

Google Images Celebrates 37 Years of Atari Breakout

A playable version of Breakout, one of Atari's early games, has been included on Google Image Search to celebrate the game's 37th birthday. Searching...

SkyDrive Hits 250M Users, Google Expands Drive Storage to 15GB In Reactionary Move

Just days after Microsoft announced that its cloud storage offering, SkyDrive has hit the 250 million users mark, there’s some quick reaction from Mountain...

Google Kenya To Launch Doodle 4 Google Competition

Google Kenya is set to launch the Doodle 4 Google 2013 competition to mark 50 years since Kenya's independence. The competition will be open...

Google Glass Source Code Released to the Public

The past week saw Google open up Google Glass for developers. This was done quietly on April 27th. The code is available as a...

The future definitely is Glass…Google Glass

Below are some reasons why I believe Google Glass is the future. Look at Today and then consider the direction we are heading: ◾The devices we...
google glass

Is Google Glass good for you?

As with every great & new technology users are are always wary of some things. Below are some of those concerning Glass. Privacy (private...

Google Project Glass A GAME CHANGER!

What is Project Glass? Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass...

Google Glass, Specs Outed

It's finally here...the spec sheet, the spec list of the device of the year. The full list of specs are below: Fit Adjustable nose pads and...

Google Mobile introduces Quick View

In December 2012 rumours as well as blogs indicated that Google was working on a new feature named “Quick View” for their smart phone...

Google Donates $3 million To Fight Human Trafficking

Human trafficking generates more than $32 billion dollars taking a toll of over 21 million victims each year. The proceeds go into supporting conflict...
youtube shutdown

Google pranks users on YouTube’s shutdown in April Fools’

It's April Fool's again, and the first victims are youtubers. Google has uploaded a video saying that all along, Youtube was a video contest...

Google already has a President for Kenya

This is rather interesting of Google Now. If you do a search on Google for "Who is Kenya's......." the all knowing Google, just like...

Web Newcomers in Developing Countries get First Taste of Internet Through Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are determined to give Internet newcomers the first tastes of the Web. In a bid to bring cost-effective internet access to...
Google Nexus 10

Do we have the Samsung Google Nexus 10 or not?

Unlike the leak that was an ugly Sony Nexus that turned out to be a very well done render, this one looks like the...

A 3G Enabled Samsung Chromebook Surfaces

If there are devices that have aroused a lot of interest in me then it is those that are borne out of partnerships between...

Google Search now available in Somali

Just a few years after launching Google Search in Kiswahili, Google has now launched Google Search in Somali. Google seeks to enable more Somali speakers to use...
Google drive vs Dropbox

Google Drive vs. Dropbox: The Battle of Cloud Storage

Who needs an external hard drive? The shift to "cloud" storage has changed the way we store and access files. When something is stored in...

Google Removes Filesharing Services from Instant Search

Filesharing site thePirateBay is being excluded from Google's instant search in compliance to RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America) request. Among the sites being...

Google Acquires Virus Total

Search engine company, Google has recently acquired Virus Total. The latter provides a free service that allows users to analyze suspicious files and URLs....

Windows Intune brings in “Bring Your Own Device strategy”.

 Microsoft has of lately acknowledge its best interests to offer third party devices which in its priority includes Apple iOS based devices and Google...
Google Plus redesign

Google plus gets new look moves chat right, adds trending box

I have been spending more of my time on Google plus of late, trying to savour the goodness of Google's social network not from...
Newlook Gmail

Gmail reminding users they have just a few days before permanent move

Yesterday when I logged into Gmail I got this notification. Welcome to Techweez Mail's new look, a video of how new look Gmail is...

Occupy Flash movement Campaign

Did Adobe expect this? Can you Imagine Adobe flash being a forgotten feature and plug-in in the web? Just recently Adobe cancelled development of...

The coming of WordPress 3.3

What could you have thought about the next Wordpress release version? Wordpress 3.3 is due to be released on 29th 2011. It has awesome features...
twitter activities

Did twitter just get rid of twitter activities silently?

Its not long ago that twitter introduced a feature called activities, that allowed a user to preview what they and their friends were doing...

Google Reverse Image Search (Drag and Drop)

In 2005 I used to spend over 11 continuous hours on the internet everyday. One day I though to myself; can't Google create a...
Getting Kenyan Businesses Online

Getting Kenyan Businesses Online with Google

Today's Google Kenya event (#gkenya) is focused on getting small and medium businesses without means online.  These are the drivers of the economy as...
Motorola mobility, Google, Android, South Korea operating system

South Korea to develop own Open source smartphone OS

Googlora, Motoogle, motogooglora, whatever you may want to call it, is eliciting so many reactions, apparently. One of the most recent ones is a...
google buys motorola

Google announces Motorola Mobility acqusition

Its seems the world of mobile is still on fire, with an Android loyalist Motorola being aquired by Google. This means that Google will...
facebook games revamp

Facebook responds to Google plus, adds new games features

This is getting interesting! Barely hours after google announces Google+ games, facebook responds promising a whole new list of features to Facebook games, promising...
google plus games, google+ games

Google now adds games on google plus

Guess everyone is pleasantly surprised that Google is finally getting it right about social networks, much with the several failed ones, wave and buzz....

China blocks Google+

It didn’t take long after the Google+ beta was unveiled for China to block it. From results show from Just Ping and Great Firewall...

Google unveil a social platform Google+

The king of Internet search Engines Google has launched its Social platform Google+ on 28 June 2011.  Quoted from a blog Google's senior vice...

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