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Getting Kenyan Businesses Online

Getting Kenyan Businesses Online with Google

Today's Google Kenya event (#gkenya) is focused on getting small and medium businesses without means online.  These are the drivers of the economy as...
Motorola mobility, Google, Android, South Korea operating system

South Korea to develop own Open source smartphone OS

Googlora, Motoogle, motogooglora, whatever you may want to call it, is eliciting so many reactions, apparently. One of the most recent ones is a...
google buys motorola

Google announces Motorola Mobility acqusition

Its seems the world of mobile is still on fire, with an Android loyalist Motorola being aquired by Google. This means that Google will...
facebook games revamp

Facebook responds to Google plus, adds new games features

This is getting interesting! Barely hours after google announces Google+ games, facebook responds promising a whole new list of features to Facebook games, promising...
google plus games, google+ games

Google now adds games on google plus

Guess everyone is pleasantly surprised that Google is finally getting it right about social networks, much with the several failed ones, wave and buzz....

China blocks Google+

It didn’t take long after the Google+ beta was unveiled for China to block it. From results show from Just Ping and Great Firewall...

Google unveil a social platform Google+

The king of Internet search Engines Google has launched its Social platform Google+ on 28 June 2011.  Quoted from a blog Google's senior vice...
Google Apps for Business

Is this the end of Free Version of Google Apps?

Just recently I received an email from Google titled "Update on changes to Google Apps". Just like any other email I always receive from...
Google swahili captcha

Is google going swahili on us?

You never stay away from google these days, it has become an integral part of our lives. So much that the word google has...
google kenya

Google marks Kenyan Jamhuri day in style

It being a sunday, i would be more prompted to tweet on my smartphone in bed, but i decided otherwise. Reason is my phone,...
Face of Africa

Is Africa ready to have a DotAfrica domain name!

I know the first thing when you read the title of this blog, you were thinking why am i asking such a question. Well, while...

Google introduces voice calls

While Kenyans are busy haggling over which mobile service provider offers the cheapest rate, google was at it with voice call. Launched today, google voice call...

Google remembers August 7 Kenyan bomb victims

Google kenya, has today placed a message on their homepage, to remember the August 7th bomb victims at the former American Embassy in Kenya. In...
Google East african page

Google Appreciates EAC Integration

Today, July 1st marks a very big milestone in East Africa's history as the day East African boundaries were opened. We can now cross...
South Africa Flu Trends

Google Flu trends now in South Africa

Launched first in the US in November 2008, Google flu trends proved to be a powerful tool for accurately estimating the level of...
Chrome themes for world cup

More goodies for football hype

Google has added a list of goodies to their products for those tho are absorbed in the world cup. The best among them is...

How to best Use Google Chrome’s Content Settings

Google Chrome 4.1 Beta for Windows added a new option for managing cookies, images, scripts and how they interact with your browser. To find...

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