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google chrome testing mute feature

Google is Testing Muting Annoying Websites on Chrome

If you are a regular Internet user, you might have opened a website at some point that automatically plays a video, which can be...

Twitter Lets You Mute Newly Created Accounts From Appearing In Your Mentions

The mute feature has been a standard feature in Twitter's arsenal to help its users combat trolls or filter what they don't want to...

Twitter Will Not Notify You Of Replies To Conversations From People You Blocked Or Muted

One focus Twitter has set out to solve on its platform is the issue of harassment on the platform and of late have been...

Kenyans On Twitter Are Sharing Their Mute Lists And They Show A Pattern

Twitter expanded the functionality of the mute tool and Kenyans have used it to mute certain keywords from their timeline.

Twitter Is Boosting Its Filtering Tools To Curb Abuse

Twitter is making an effort to stem out abuse by boosting its tools that will help users combat harassment on its platform.

Twitter Is Testing A Way For You To Mute Words

Twitter is testing muting words which has been available to certain third party apps for a while now