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Guy Requests For a Simple Photoshop Job, Didn’t Go As Planned

This is why we signed up for Twitter

The Internet Decided To Photoshop This Cute Baby Turtle And It Is Crazy

In the world of photoshop, there are no bounds and Reddit did just that to a baby turtle

Obama and Putin Get The Photoshop Treatment on Reddit

Obama and Putin shaked hands at a G20 summit in China and a particular photo became the subject of a Photoshop treatment on Reddit.
David Cameron Facebook gaffe

David Cameron’s Office thought to use Photoshop, Results weren’t Desirable

Adobe Photoshop, the famous image editor gave rise to the term “photoshopping” which refers to an image that has been altered by an editor,...

Adobe to discontinue Photoshop Touch application on Android and iOS

Starting May 28th, Photoshop Touch, Adobe's touch-optimized version of its popular image editing software meant for mobile devices will be no more. Adobe will...