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Smartwatch Banned Here

Chinese Soldiers Banned From Wearing Smartwatches

Chinese 1.6 million troops from wearing smartwatches as they pose a security risk. The Chinese military also banned all other wearable devices with internet...
Port motorcycle backpacks

GITEX 2014: Prince Computers Launch Backpacks With LED Signs For Motorcyclists

GITEX 2014 is on, and as always this is where you get to see all the new technologies that are launching in the...

It Might Not Be a Rolex, But As a Smartwatch the Dual-Faced Ibis Dares to be Elegant

Innovative design and functionality, this is what smartwatch enthusiasts anticipate upon the release of the iWatch. But all that exists in the public domain...

Huawei Talkband B1

This is Huawei's grand entry into the hot wearables market. You may mistake it for a watch at first glance but it is not....

You Can Now Wink to Take a Picture on Google Glass

Google now allows Glass users to take photos by winking. Glass Explorer Edition could only access this feature through a third-party app before the...

Solar Charged Textile Batteries To Transform Wearable Tech

Wearable electronics have greatly impacted health and sports monitoring. Consumer products such as Google glass and smart-watches are also eliminating the need to carry...