The Mpower Luxury 3G tablet: Your usual 7 incher and some

Mpower Luxury Tablet

Mpower Luxury TabletTechnology changes very fast, and what used to fit in a whole building now fits easily in your hand. We are talking computing and mobility. Ten years ago you wouldnt have assumed that everything you would do on that immobile desktop computer would be achieved on a 7 inch tablet, leave alone apply. This day is here now and we have the technology to leverage and make full use of.

Let me do a quick walkthrough of the Mpower luxury tablet specifications:

Mpower Luxury tablet is a 7 inch 3G tablet with capacitive screen with multi-touch, 800 x 480. The device rins on Android 2.2 with stock skin, powered by an 800 MHz processor, 512MB RAM and a 1GB Flash Memory. This tablet is one of the few that are 3G(meaning they have a sim card slot), offer extended memory via microSD. It also has better camera power on the front as opposed to the usual rear camera, its about you and video calling, 3mp front, 2mp back. Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot and a bluetooth headset out of the box are some of the features this tablet prides in ahead of the pack. Also in the pack is bundled a leather pouch for easy carrying and protection.

Now that you know what Mpower luxury has in the armoury, lets go to the pros of the 7 inch tablet.


7 inch tablets tend to get the perfect middle when it comes to delivering screen size while not being too generous with it. You can fit it in your jacket pocket and whip it out when doing your presentation. The Mpower tablet adds value by providing a leather pouch with a holder out of the box, so you can wrap it around your arm when walking swiftly across the streets. Options! Options!


We all know the value you get off an android tablet, so nothing really new here. Mpower luxury is in the centre of those hundreds of thousands of apps. There is so much you can do with them.

Dial Application:

I have mentioned earlier that this tablet is a large phone, supports telephony. Mpower comes bundled with a bluetooth headset, so if you had popped in your main phone sim card, you wont miss the juice of getting called. Just fix the bluetooth headset, connect it and you are ready to go. You dont get many of those out there!

Battery life

Mpower tablet can give you between 6-10 hours of life depending on how you use it, so worry not when you are going to that event or conference. You can tweet away all through it, or just go ahead and play a game if the presentations are boring. Make sure you appear busy while at it.

USB connectivity and Storage

Mpower tablet comes with 4GB user storage, but you can expand this via microSD to better limits. Beyond that, Mpower comes with a USB port and USB connectivity, so you can sync your data or move it to your computer at will, or just transfer it via bluetooth, the 3.0 is high speed.

See below the accessories you wouldn’t find packed with your average tablet.


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