Of Memorable Adverts And Even More Interesting Parodies; A Britam Case Study


AiDeveloping interesting adverts is quite the task, involves every ounce of your creative juice to ensure that you interest your target audience. I am not talking out of experience, but I gather, just like storytelling you need to be up in your game. Now there is this advert that has got people in Kenya talking, for British American Investments Company, the insurance company which trades as Britam. I don’t watch much of TV but the few times I do I did pick this as one of the more interesting adverts in Kenya.

Some creatives are bound to catch that and leverage on the interest this might pick and do a parody of the advert in line of their business of entertaining their following. And that’s what the guys at HapaKule News did and posted the same on Youtube. None of the two takes away from the other, in fact, if both are placed on the same platform, in this case Youtube, the latter serves to elevate the former and if people had not picked interest in the first then they get curious.Britam Advert

The Britam advert was done to show that people need not sit and hope for the best but need to be sure about things in their lives by insuring the various situations that minus insurance would end up becoming emergencies. And so the advert goes on to communicate this quite well (forget the part where the upload is maxed out at 320 pixels). The man in the picture is shown in various stages in his life getting surprised as things happen that need his attention financially.

The HapaKule parody on the other hand has a setting of a blind date and the surprises in this case are the looks and habits of his blind date, with an ending that he needed an app to help predict the blind date outcome to avoid surprises. See below the two videos for context if you hadn’t already.

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