iPhone 5 Catches Fire On Plane Just Before Taxi, Forces Evacuation

iPhone 5 fire

iPhone 5 fireApparently it could be dangerous to have an iPhone in a bag while on a flight. This is what this girl, Yarden Levi found out while on transit from Tel-Aviv, Israel to Prague, Czech Republic. This is not something new, of iPhones catching fire unprovoked. This plane from an unnamed carrier was about to head out to the skies and passengers had already boarded when passengers noticed white smoke coming from a girl’s bag.

Smoke on a plane is not something simple and is a red flag immediately it happens and passengers had to be evacuated immediately. That’s when it was found out that her iPhone 5 had gone ablaze while in the handbag. As in many cases you’d pick out third party accessories as a cause of the conflict, but iPhones are not known to be the easiest to open and replace batteries so this would be an interesting case.

No reason was picked immediately but this sure was a worrying case particularly since it’s other passengers who noticed the smoke after plastic in the bag burned.

Source:  TNCZ (Translate from Czech)