New Samsung Galaxy A Videos Tell Of An Active Lifestyle And GIF Selfies


Galaxy A Animated Selfie
Samsung’s new smartphone range speaks volumes about their plan for 2015 onwards regarding new offerings. They first introduced the Galaxy Alpha late last year which was targeted specifically to consumers who would consider buying the iPhone. This was followed by the rise of the Galaxy A series which is design focused and with good looks. There is the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 which have already hit the market starting with China, and the Galaxy A7 which is expected to launch in Malaysia from next month.

The Galaxy A was a new design philosophy for Samsung and the marketing associated by these phones shows that they target the youth who are keen on aesthetics. The specs sheet too compliments that with 5 megapixel wide-angle cameras with new software to output animated selfies, panoramic selfies among others. Getting those shots is now made easier, I have used Samsung and I know they make things easy for the average user with presets and easy menus especially within the camera.

Galaxy A series are developed to impress, both in the looks and in pricing. The build is of a metal frame with a non-removable back that means that for once the SIM card slot is not under wraps for Samsung but on the side accessible via SIM tray, same applies to the microSD slot. There’s a compromise there in search of beauty, and that’s removable battery. This quarter will see more Galaxy A launches across the globe as the scheduled launch plan gets executed for the device of the near future for Samsung.

The below videos best explain that with the new-look design, animated selfies and automatic selfies highlighted. Watch them below.

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