Uhuru Confronts Babu Owino About Letter He Allegedly Released on Social Media

Uhuru Babu Owino

Uhuru Babu OwinoIn an interesting twist of fate, President Kenyatta met University of Nairobi’s student leader, Babu Owino where he rubbished off the letter Babu had released about Obama visiting University of Nairobi (UoN) as shown in this video uploaded by Citizen TV on YouTube:

The encounter revealed two things: The letter is actually legit and the President was duly notified of the letter that was doing rounds on social media. The President was clearly exasperated by the actions of the student leader, judging from the body language.

Early on Monday, Babu Owino’s letter which was addressed to the US Ambassador to officially request Obama to visit UoN caused quite a stir on social media. The letter had a threatening tone where if Obama fails to visit the university, a number of disturbing things would be done by the students in protest. The letter started by saying they were “furiously intelligent” and going by the use of an adverb before the adjective, they should have been astute in handling the matter by humbly requesting but not threatening the guest.

Obama will be jetting in the country in the next one week for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit conference where our President is the host. This visit by an incumbent US president is the first of its kind in Kenya and people in the country are eager to invite him and probably meet him face to face. But if you have ever watched how the Secret Service works to protect the sitting president of the United States, this will be nothing more than a pipe dream for the masses out there.