Ad Blocking Denies Techweez and its Kind $22 Billion in 2015

ad block plus

ad-blockIn April of this year, German newspapers took Ad Plus, the company responsible for ad block software,  which blocks advertisements on a user’s browser, to court arguing that the software was engaged in anti-competitive  business practices, which threatened their business model.  The court ruled against the German newspapers with Ad Plus placing a spirited defense arguing that its role is defending an obvious consumer right: giving people the ability to control their own screens by letting them block annoying ads and protect their privacy. An argument the court upheld in its ruling.  The Newspaper publishers also raised questions with regards to AdBlock Plus’ whitelisting service where  Adblock Plus allows some of the advertising not considered annoying to be viewed.

The 2015 global report on ad blocking by Page fair, a firm whose core mission is to help companies “survive the rise of adblock” in  partnership with Adobe says there are 198 million active adblock users around the world with the number having grown by 41% in the last 12 months to June. In 2015 alone, Ad Blocking has cost publishers close to 22 Billion dollars, which is a staggering number by any standards.  Most of the ad blocking was restricted to web platforms with mobile platforms yet to pick up on ad blocking.

The most affected websites by ad-blocking software were gaming, social networking as well as other tech related sites. Ad Plus’ ad block has 60 million active users and boasts of having been downloaded nearly 400 million times. The least affected websites were those with health, charity, legal and government information. The more these people use these software solutions, the more it is difficult for publishers like to Techweez that rely heavily on ad revenue to compete competitively. So, go right ahead. remove that plugin.


  1. Techweez rely heavily on ad revenue your right there you do heavily use ads.

    This is a very simple. Either you as a site owner take responsibility for what appears on YOUR site, or for security and privacy all ads will be block and everything that even remotely smells like it out of rational self defense.

    What’s that? You have a lengthy legal document that disclaims all responsibility for what your code may do to my network?

    The blockers stay on

    To many virus and ransom ware have been injected on to peoples computers by ad networks even from the big ad network so adblocking is a must, i will not white list any till they take responsibility for the 3rd party (4th 5th 6th etc) content that they put on there site.

    When you go to a website your going to that site not 10 others sites that puts information (ad code) on that page. Then sends information back

    I have no guilt about using ad blockers. The HTTP exchange goes something like

    Client: Can I have the page named “/index.html”?

    Server: Sure, here you go.

    [Client looks at HTML content.]

    Client: Hey, it looks like the page wants image “/images/aaa.jpg”, could I have that too?

    Server: Sure, here you go.

    Client: Hmm. Looks like this site wants to run software on my page. Based on my user’s NoScript settings, I think I’m going to skip those requests. Oh, it looks like they want to download some advertisements too. Nah, based on my user’s ad-blocking settings, I think I’ll pass on using bandwidth for that too. Ah, but now we want “/images/bbb.jpg” too, so server, could you give me that?

    Server: You got it.

    They’re called HTTP *requests* for a reason, and I have no issue “not requesting” something that I don’t want.

    you will find sympathy between sh*t and syphillis in the dictionary

    and with 8 trackers on here that sharing my information with not a lot coming back to me , so whats in it for me? nothing

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