Movie Max: What You Turn to When You Need to Watch the Latest Flick


The final trailer of the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre, is out. That means that the countdown to the premiere of the widely anticipated movie starts in earnest. Spectre premieres in the United Kingdom in late October while it won’t be until early November when the rest of the world gets to see what Daniel Craig is up to in what is his final time playing Bond.

If you happen to live in Kenya and particularly Nairobi and need to be up to date with the screening times of not just the 2015 Bond film but also other latest flicks where do you turn to? There’s the good old newspaper, of course. Or the various cinema’s social media pages where information is scattered all over the place. Or the not so intuitive specific websites. Those were my go-to places for information regarding what was on the silver screen. Until Movie Max happened.

We use our phones for just about anything. While there can be websites and social media pages dedicated to something, nothing beats a mobile application that sits on your phone and is ready to provide you the information you need in real time. More so when that application just pulls that data from the aforementioned websites (using a private API) and presents it to you in an easy to digest and attractive format. That is, in a nutshell, what Movie Max, an application targeted at the movie goer or just about any other person keen on what is showing on the big screen is all about.

Movie Max is simple and straight to the point. It does nothing other than provide information on what is showing at IMAX at that particular time and what is coming soon. There is a Discover tab that keeps you up to date with other recent and upcoming movies. You can also watch movie trailers since they’re linked from YouTube directly.

The application is pretty barebones and the developer is promising more additions in an update that will be available soon. That is ok since it does what it sets out to well and of course updates that will make it possible to also know what is airing at Planet Media Cinema and other cinemas like say Nyali Cinemax when I’m in Mombasa are welcome.


The one thing you’ll miss is the lack of ticket pricing but then again almost all the other options out there also miss this important addition. I always have to check out the Facebook pages for the pricing and it is not always available. Also, it could be better if it provided notifications once in a while on some specials. Like IMAX has been running a movie marathon recently and this just showed up on the regular schedule. With the holiday season soon setting in, there will be lots of special offers and it will be great if I could be notified every time there’s one and I’m sure every other regular theatre-goer will appreciate the same.

Movie Max is currently only available on Android and you can find it on the Google Play Store.