These are the videos Kenyans watched the most on YouTube

Most popular videos watched in Kenya on YouTube

Most popular videos watched in Kenya on YouTube

Annually, YouTube uploads the most popular videos on YouTube Spotlight as part of the YouTube Rewind campaign which is to allow users to recap the most popular videos on the platform. This is not news in the social networking world as Twitter released a report of the most popular events on its platform. Facebook was not left out as they also published a report of the most talked about events on its platform on which has been presented in a visually stunning manner.

On the YouTube Rewind channel, YouTube released a video montage of the most popular songs of 2015 which is very colourful and energetic. The video is a mishmash of popular YouTube personalities and TV personalities and the background music is a motley of the most popular songs of 2015.

YouTube also released the most popular videos that were watched in Kenya for the year 2015 and there is a noticeable trend: Most of the popular videos were uploaded by our traditional media stations. Only one video was not from a local channel. Here is the list:


That is not all. There is also a list of the most popular music videos Kenyans watched for the year 2015. In the playlist, only 2 music videos are from local artistes and the rest are either regional or international artistes. Here is the playlist:

In Kenya, we have seen a growth of people on social media grow substantially over the years with around 5 million Facebook users and over a  million Kenyans with Twitter accounts. Judging by the fact that we have 26 million internet users in the country, expect an increased impact on the global social media landscape by Kenyans in the coming year.