This lady has an interesting hobby of making very realistic cakes and body art

IMG Credit: Katherine Dey
body art cake
IMG Credit: Katherine Dey

We all engage in different hobbies during our leisure time away from our normal routine. Some engage in leisure, others decide to read articles or novels and others like Katherine Dey decide to engage in interesting hobbies like baking cakes.

According to her Coroflot profile, she is a registered nurse from Rochester, New York and from her portfolio on the website, she is an artist too! There are several collections in her portfolio like Illustrations, Portraits, Medical simulations, Sculptures, Body Art and weird cakes. The last two projects are of focus today and they are rather interesting.

Weird realistic cakes

People tend to get creative sometimes when it comes to cakes but Katherine takes it to a whole new level. Her creations are inspired by various things like her connection to medical practice and others are just random objects that look absurdly real;

The severed pig

servered pig cake
Katherine Dey


The glazed ham cake

Looks rather tasty to be honest.

glazed ham cake
Katherine Dey

Brain stem cake

This looks absurdly accurate and her anatomy knowledge is clearly shown here

Brain cake
Katherine Dey

Bees in a honeycomb cake

Bee cake
Katherine Dey

Body Art

This is the other project that shows her knowledge of the human anatomy. Most of the pictures are paintings of the various muscles tendons and veins on the human body and they are pretty cool.

Full body muscle art

body muscles
Katherine Dey

Vein art

Katherine Dey

Lower back muscles art

lower back muscles
Katherine Dey

This is not the first time we have seen people uploading interesting portfolios to the web that contain interesting projects they have been working on. We have seen a guy from the US who worked on a project that involved Maasai warriors in a Star Wars setting.


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