This Kenyan project is on course to be funded on Kickstarter

Via Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great place to realize your dreams which is financed by total strangers. Hundreds of thousands of projects have been founded by millions of backers within the community and it has gave rise to popular products we see today.

Kenyans too are embracing Kickstarter to look for funding to launch their unique projects and this is another case of a project that seems to be on the path to be funded.

The project name, Enda: The First Kenyan Running Shoe is based on the premise of what Kenyans are known for worldwide: Home of the best runners in the world. In the 3 minute 41 second video, they explain  specific details about the design of the shoe and how they are suited for various instances while running.

In their Kickstarter Project page, they also add interesting details about the shoe, including the choice of colours that reflect on the Kenyan flag (which is quite neat) and the spear log that is part of “the history of Kenyan national identity. They have also added intricate details like the idiosyncratic “Harambee” embossed on the shoe and exactly 12 lateral lines on the side that coincides with the independence day celebrations of the country.

Via: Kickstarter
Via: Kickstarter: Enda running shoe project

Now for the main goal: The funding part: The project was launched a week ago on the 24th set a goal of $75,000. It has proven to be popular among backers as of writing this article, it had already garnered 572 backers who have raised a total of $68,452, which is over 90% of their target funding reach. This is amazing considering the fact that has been raised in a week and they have 29 days to reach their goal.

We have seen another project on Kickstarter, the Nyala Sneaker line that had Kenyan roots which actually attained its funding goals of 35,000 euros. The Enda project could be the next successful project to be funded on Kickstarter and will definitely inspire Kenyans out there to use the platform to fund their lofty dreams.