Captain America Loses Faith in the Country he Jealously Guarded

captain america gives up


USA’s general election was held yesterday and the whole world was waiting for the results of the election, especially the presidential one. The two main contenders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the main focus and people tuned in to follow the updates from the various states.

People followed the results streaming in from the polling stations across the states on live updates of reputable news organizations, via Google and via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The race was tight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but Trump emerged the winner after garnering the required minimum Electoral votes needed to clinch the Presidency.

This news spread like wildfire in Twitter where people expressed their opinions about the new President-elect of the United States. One notable comment is by Chris Evans, who plays “Captain America” in the Marvel Studio films. His tweet says it all

His statement was echoed by this guy.

He was not the only one with strong opinions about the newly-elected President. A lot of people expressed their worries about Trump being elected and here are some of the tweets.

Some are considering the gravity of the matter

Others are considering praying.

It looks like another episode of American Horror Story

The coincidence of the dates was not left unnoticed.


They cannot believe what they’ve just done.

Now Americans are pondering about the long 4 years ahead.


Others are considering to move to Canada.

It even made the Canadian immigration website to crash

Anyway some decide to create their own fictional earth where Bernie Sanders “won” the election

Others were not happy of how some regions voted.


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