Have you ever thought of advancement when it comes to marital status checking? Well if not then South Africa beat you to it by developing a platform to serve this purpose.

The platform was launched in order to assist in preventing and uncovering instances where South Africans have been unknowingly married to foreigners, for example, the foreign spouses would use the marriage to get residence and work permits in South Africa.

Not surprisingly, this platform failed. One of the reasons for this was that divorced people would still be labeled as married therefore not allowing them to re-marry therefore exuding anger from folks all over South Africa hence. As the platform went down the drain of numerous complaints, the main users who really needed the application were left mad and angry that the service has been pulled down.

Well, let’s talk about Kenya. Most of the time our Men are married but still in the market –  up for grabs.  As long as the ring can still, you know, be de-ringed and that stubborn line that’s really hard to get rid of is dealt with be it with some foundation from their wife’s powder room or herbs from your local dealer, then Bam!! We are back to single hood in body ready to roam and explore with a bang.

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Unfortunately, half of the ladies will agree with me on this. We have at least met a guy or two who always is available from Monday to Sunday, ten to six, they will especially try to reach out to you on Friday with some Lunch and cab fare thanks to our Friday’s common phrase  ‘uko wapi’ (where are you).

Unfortunately, that one phone call from her (the wife) after a whole six months or a year of dating served as a method of informing you that the well-manicured nails and the well-ironed shirts were and are and will always be her duty and that they even have kids to add to it. Most of them will do it rudely or with lots of tears, hurt and pain, actually some even end up as cat fights.

Now imagine this service was operational in Kenya, our very own motherland. It will help us as Kenyan ladies not to end up as the 2nd wife unaware or to even play wife to a married man. There will be less of those ‘business trips’, less of heartache to we women and men too and discomfort of a new lady in the house to be the new ruler. It will also save us the ‘I wish I knew’ regrets and trust issues.

It would, therefore, be great for the Kenyan Attorney General’s office to adopt the same. The platform will not need much except maintaining it – which seems like asking for the world from our dear government, and oh! The sensational stories that will come out of such a platform, hmm.

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