There is a Githeri Man Game, But It’s Pretty Bad

You might as well skip this one

githeri man game

githeri man game

During the General Elections that were held in Kenya early last month, one incident stood out from the hubbub about the election, and that is the Githeri man.

A photo was shared on Twitter of a random man (later revealed to be one Martin Kamotho) who was photographed holding a paper bag with githeri (Kenyan dish that is a mix of maize and beans.) This photo was an instant hit and Kenyans on Twitter were engaged in a Photoshop battle that positioned Githeri man in all sorts of crazy scenarios.

You may think that the hype died down since this happened a month ago but not so fast. Someone has decided to create a game based on the Githeri man and it is available on the Play Store.

The objective of the game is to help Githeri Man ran across the city as he tries to beat the voting deadline. You navigate by tapping on the screen up and down where you might find obstacles which you need to avoid.

The game has a rewards scheme where you can unlock his signature hat and also when you accumulate more points, you will be able to unlock sunglasses and even a chopper.

The game description sounds pretty good on paper, but where it fails miserably is the game play. The graphics are pretty mediocre where for starters, you are greeted with a githeri man wallpaper that was borrowed from Britania foods post. The other low resolution elements include a centrally placed play button, music button and a share button.

However, this game has a serious caveat. The trial version only gives you the ability to play only one game and you have to pay KES 20 to play for an unlimited time.

The game has the potential to be great and it needs some serious work in terms of gameplay and user interface. We’ve seen local devs creating games from our pop culture like the Bungoma Hangman and unlike the Githeri Man game, it has better graphics and won’t ask for money for you to enjoy all of its features.

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  1. Seems okay considering the standards of the average “Kenyan developer”. Am sure the creator believes he is the next big thing out of Africa in 2017.

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