Telkom Kenya Axes 4G4FREE and Free WhatsApp, Introduces Daily WhatsApp for KES 5


telkom-kenya-logoTelkom Kenya’s rebrand spurred the telecomm operator’s launch of critical services and products that aimed to heighten its share in the fiercely competitive mobile phone service industry. Prior to the rebrand, Telkom had been testing LTE services, which went live afterwards. To complement 4G services were a couple goodies, including WhatsApp For Free for prepaid customers, who could get access to the service with a 50 MB data allocation for 24 hours. Also, users in 4G zones could enjoy a gig of data for free, every day.

It certainly appears that the two offers have been discontinued because, well, they were offers in the first place. I know some of you were getting used to the idea of a free ride with 1024 MBs for 4 months, for which the telco extended the service for another month. Understandably, the carrier knows that withdrawal consequences are not great, which is why they are giving their users a new service called Daily WhatsApp.

Some of you may have noticed that the aforementioned services have been removed from the *544# USSD menu. In their place is Daily WhatsApp, and as its name suggests, this is a dedicated service for the chat platform for prepay customers.

For KES 5 every day, subscribers will access 50 MB for 24 hours. For multiple subscriptions, the Daily WhatsApp bundle will not accumulate, and existing allocation’s validity will be as per the latest subscription. Furthermore, failure to exhaust the bundle does not mean unused units will be rolled over to the next day. In fact, even automatic renewal resets the allocation to 50 MB, so keep that in mind.

It is obvious this package is affordable, but it is not going to make some people very happy, but that is how offers roll; they come and go. You can also check the carrier’s other data products on its main site.

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