Telkom Kenya Intros Free 10GB Night Data Bundle

Telkom Kenya has introduced a free 10GB data bundle for the Christmas Holiday season all the way into January.

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My Telkom AppTelkom Kenya has tens of data plans and offers that we have covered so many times in earlier posts. Today’s announcement from the carrier, which, according to data released by the CA Kenya has 4.1 million subscribers as of September 2018, will see customers who subscribe to the KES 999 bundle enjoy up to 10 GB free data every night (12 midnight to 6 AM). The promotion is live as of today and will last up to mid-January provided the customer has a valid bundle.

Ordinarily, the bundle offers 7 GB of data and 300 minutes of voice to any network, which is a pretty good deal for folks that have invested in Telkom products, or those who have used its carrier services as an alternative to what the market currently offers. The promotion is definitely attractive to heavy users who may need to download a lot of media files overnight. It is also appealing to groups that want to take advantage of off-net minutes packed in the bundle.

Telkom already takes care of its night users with Night Owl, a 5 GB data bundle that does costs KES 40 (from midnight to 6 AM). Night Owl is insanely popular especially for folks who are served by the operator’s LTE coverage as it is hardly throttled and just works.

Speaking of throttling, Telkom has not revealed whether the promotion will be subject to controlled speeds after a user hits a certain limit, but since it is a promotional product that offers ‘up to 10 GB free data’, it is highly likely fair usage policy will be enforced.

“Through the free data, we enable our customers to experience our Data. This also underlines our commitment to continually enhance the value that we deliver to our customers,” noted Amer Atwi, Telkom’s MD for the Mobile Division during the announcement of the new offer.

The product is available under the *544# access code. Any promotional data that will not be used at that time will not be carried forward. Lastly, when subscribers sign up for another bundle before the existing one expires, the data and minutes will accumulate but the free data allocation will not.