The Iron Throne is the last episode that closes the chapter on the fantasy show Game of Thrones. After eight seasons and 73 episodes, the finale is here and so are the reactions and memes from its fans. We have compiled the best memes, reactions and hilarious jokes to spark joy for you after the ending of our beloved show despite season 8 being lackluster

Some of our predictions came true

We’ll surely miss our favourite characters

Season one had 59 deaths, season two 130 deaths, season three 87 deaths,  season four 181 deaths,  season five 246 deaths,  season six 540 deaths,  season seven 1096 deaths,  season eight 3523 deaths. The guys at the Washington Post have an illustrated count of all the deaths including the major characters profiles, how they died plus the deadliest locations.

Following season 8 disappointing episodes, fans expected the same from last nights episode

Arya and her mysterious white horse

Fans expected a surprise Cersei appearance

Not forgetting Jaime too

Dany’s fate

Remember Hot Pie

Drogon being the smartest one

This was genuinely sad

Brienne finally shows up

Arya’s Fate


Sansa’s Fate

The pet Ghost deserved from John was finally shot

I agree

All is good now with Jon


Jon’s Fate

No matter what that job is at any given moment, Jon Snow can’t seem to keep to it

Sansa dropping bombs

This was uncalled for, Sansa

Bran is named King

This was so bold

Me too

Bran’s Fate

This was unexpected but will work

Samwell Tarley tried

The fate of the Night’s Watch

Grey Worm redeeming himself

Tyrion’s Fate

General mood after the ending

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now we know why she reacted this way

Me too

Louder for those at the back

Time to cancel those subscriptions

Hopefully, the upcoming books will be better than the TV adaptations


Apart from the plastic water bottles left on set, Game of Thrones has left us with lots of questions.

I wanted Tyrion to finish his joke about that time he brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel, what Robin Arryn and Edmure Tully were up to this whole time. Season 6 showed Robin sending his knights to help Sansa fight Ramsay, while Edmure was Walder Frey’s prisoner.

Where are the Reeds, from Howland Reed, Lord of Greywater Watch, father to Jojen and Meera, who both helped Bran travel north? Meera hasn’t made an appearance after delivering Bran to Winterfell.

Where’s Dario? Last time we see him is in season six, where Dany leaves him in Meeren with the Second Sons.

Where’s Syrio Forel? Is e still alive? Syrio was Arya’s sword trainer in season 1. Las time we see him is when he was protecting Arya from the Lannister soldiers and we’ve assumed he’s been dead since but no body was shown.

The prophecies never came through. Cersei being killed by her brother in the Valonqar prophesy never made it through and instead Jaime reconciles with her. Azor Ahai idea never made it as the fantasy show never brought the Lord of Light subplot full circle.

Other characters we don’t full know their fate include Drogon, Ellaria Sand, the warlocks of Qarth and Arya’s Direwolf, Nymeria. Also what happens to the Dothraki and the Unsullied?


And now my watch has ended

I will be coming back to this thread as I wait for the books

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