Netflix’s You Season 2: Compilation of the Best Memes So Far

Netflix You Season 2

Netflix You Season 2

Netflix dropped You season 2 that it bought from Lifetime. You is an american psychological thriller that follows Joe Goldberg who in season one lived in New York as a bookstore manager and is a serial killer who later moved to Los Angeles. The new season has a new cast comprising of Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega, James Scully and Chris D’Elia.

Its worth noting that this compilation will contain light spoilers. If you’ve watched season one then the new season is just as bingeable(this should be a word).

Here’s the trailer.

Lets get to the memes:

Heres why we are fascinated by serial killers.

Same, I actually felt bad when his pinkie got cut

Me right now

I’m jealous too

Influencers get called out

Actor Penn Badgley recently held an interview with Variety where he says You isn’t about love, it’s about “how far are we willing to go to forgive an evil white man.”

Penn has been sharing his distaste for people on Twitter crushing on Joe and sending thirst tweets by responding saying that Joe is not sexy, he’s just a murderer.

You Season 3?

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