How Text Messaging Can Help Bring More Leads To Your Business

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Text message marketing has the ability to catapult business profits to new heights. Many individuals can no longer leave their homes without bringing their cell phones, so business owners and marketers use that notion to their advantage to reach business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) leads. Thus, never waste the opportunity to try out text messaging for the benefit of your company.

Enumerated below are various considerations that would help you decide if text message marketing is ideal for your business.

Easy Integration With Other Marketing Campaigns

Text or Short Message Service (SMS) marketing may allow for seamless integration with other marketing channels. For example, sending texts that contain links to social media pages and other online platforms. Then, your target audience can click on those links to access more information about your company.

Another example is to combine ringless voicemail drop with SMS marketing. Services, like Drop Cowboy, allow your firm to combine and transform both lead generation practices into one cost-effective solution. So, you don’t have to go over your company’s marketing budget to capture the attention of your targeted audience.

Companies that advertise their brands using SMS campaigns create versatile opportunities to help improve profitability margins. Sending texts might be a low-cost solution to help businesses generate warm leads. But, it’s essential to partner with a trustworthy texting service to keep costs at a minimum.

You may also use a VOIP number to help keep overhead fees for your marketing campaigns low, especially if you use text messaging with cold calling. But, consider declaring a small number of users and only use the features you need to help keep costs down.

Reach Leads Directly

Since many people can no longer part ways with their cell phones, sending texts allows you and your marketers to reach potential clients directly. In comparison, other marketing strategies like cold calling might need you to go through different representatives before you can contact your target audience.

Also, many individuals can’t resist the lure of checking their phones when the notification chime rings. So, you may expect a reply from your leads in as early as a few minutes after sending the text message.

But, sending texts to entice potential buyers might require a few essential components to help make the campaign successful. These elements may include the following:

  • Calls to Action (CTAs)

Various business owners find CTAs to be an essential part of the marketing text. CTAs allow leads and customers to understand the incentives involved with the purchase. Also, these texts might show instructions on how to claim coupons, codes, or other rewards.

If your marketing texts don’t include CTAs, then your potential clients may not know what to do once they receive the message. You don’t need to send lengthy messages; always attempt to keep the text short and simple. Your leads can learn more information once they contact your business.

Avoid sending walls of text. This practice seems to be a common mistake amongst organizations new to lead generation campaigns using SMS. Shorten links and use shortcodes to help pique the curiosity and interests of your target audience.

  • Timing

Your leads might be busy folks. Hence, it’s crucial to understand that timing is highly critical to the success of your marketing campaign.

Delivering SMS can be an instantaneous process. The moment you hit the “Send” button, the potential customer should receive the message after a few seconds. Thus, you need to pay attention to the time when you send your text. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of your potential lead discarding your message because you sent the text at the wrong time.

Also, don’t attempt to spam your marketing texts in an attempt to catch the attention of your leads. If you resort to spamming, chances are your leads will get annoyed and eventually block your number. An irritated person has the potential of alarming the authorities about your pushy sales practices. Failure to comply with marketing laws might present your organization with fines and penalties.

  • Follow-ups

Spamming marketing messages is a detrimental practice. However, it doesn’t mean that your lead generation campaign will stop at one SMS.

Consider sending a follow-up message 24 to 48 hours after your first attempt at enticing your target audience with your products or services. This additional text helps encourage your audience to feel that they’re talking to real people instead of AIs and bots.

With these elements, your SMS marketing campaign might reach your targeted B2B or B2C leads directly and correctly. Follow the right format and timing, and you or your representatives might be replying to folks interested in your business soon.

Collect Data

Many people associate marketing with making money. Albeit that idea isn’t wrong to a fault, it doesn’t mean all marketing campaigns require money for the result.

Your organization might employ an SMS campaign to gather data like the contact information of potential leads. Use texts to establish a connection with your potential clients through their cell phones. But, the text might urge audiences to input their emails for data collection. For example, you might be running a non-profit organization, and you need emails for a petition. Use SMS to help the campaign entice people to join your charitable cause.

Otherwise, you can gather the contact information of your targeted audience to transform them into warm or hot leads at a later date.

Send Reminders

Your SMS campaign might be part of another marketing practice. For instance, you might need people to sign up for a webinar, product demonstration, or an appointment. Send texts to your existing leads that remind them of the event.

Sending an SMS message to your leads about an upcoming occasion will help them remember their commitments. Also, the messages show that you value the pledge made by your audience to attend the event.

Various companies in different industries now use SMS services to remind their leads and clients about their obligations. For example, a property management firm might send a text to their clients a few days before an assessment, or a hotel might send a message through text to customers about an upcoming booking.

Also, retailers can send text message reminders to people with abandoned shopping carts. Many potential customers abandon their online carts because of different reasons. The reminder should entice these leads to complete their purchases.

Stable Mobile Marketing Method

Different people send texts for the primary reason of conveying information to the receiver. This method has been a tried-and-true strategy for many organizations across the years. However, it doesn’t mean that all individuals can use modern mobile technologies.

For example, a significant percentage of your targeted audience knows how to text, but some of them don’t know how to use QR codes. So, if you add links to QR codes to your texts, then that feature might just go to waste.

Still, you don’t need to use extra “bells and whistles” to try and convince leads to check your brand. Instead, you can stick to standard SMS to advertise your company and its offerings.

High Open Rates

SMS marketing may hold an advantage over other marketing methods, thanks to its ability to deliver high open rates.

According to an infographic from, 90% of SMS recipients open their messages within the first three minutes after receiving the text. In comparison, only 20% of email recipients open the message from their mobile phones within a similar period.

With that being said, SMS marketing for lead generation may be a better option for specific businesses in reaching their target audiences, thus boosting chances of them getting a response.

Hence, text messaging presents itself as a reliable method in closing the gap between companies and their target audiences.

Track Crucial Data

Reliable mass text messaging services present users with data trackers to help marketing campaigns progress in the right direction. You may use mass text apps to track open rates, reply to specific conversations, and identify opportunities to raise the Return on Investment (ROI).

The said analytics may be utilized to help increase the accuracy in targeting markets for campaigns. The data gathered may also help business owners and marketers build a better understanding of their leads from their mobile lead generation strategies and tactics.

Opportunity to Increase ROI

Like other marketing strategies, you might need to invest a considerable amount of money when using mass text messaging for lead generation. But, the costs of SMS marketing might be significantly less than other advertising practices.

Search for a reliable mass texting service, and you might only pay for the texts you send instead of paying a significant overhead cost. For example, you have 100 potential leads in your contact database, and the price per SMS sent is $0.02. So, you’ll only pay $2.00 for one text blast.

Now, imagine if one of your leads becomes a paying customer from the 100 text messages you sent. That new client might buy a $100.00-item from your store, thus you’re able to gain $98.00 in gross profit from that sale.

You might also use this opportunity to boost current ROI opportunities. For instance, you can create a reward system wherein your leads can earn points every time they share the message with their contacts. The result of this technique is free advertising as your leads will do the marketing for you.

An Easy Access to Customer Support

Many people don’t like going through the process of reaching out to customer support. Individual businesses have complicated procedures before you can reach a customer support representative successfully.

But, it might be possible for leads and customers to contact customer support using text messages. Your target market can use the contact number you provide to reach and communicate with your representatives.

Moreover, the International Customer Management Institute conducted a poll wherein 79% of companies that participated believe their customers want SMS support. This channel can be an ideal option as opposed to keeping potential leads and existing clients on hold for hours.

The quick response allows your SMS marketing team to deliver the necessary support to the message sender. This technique helps keep target audiences happy and satisfied with your brand.

A Non-Intrusive Marketing Practice

SMS marketing is a non-intrusive way to reach out to leads. In comparison, other marketing strategies like cold calling demands the attention and time of your target market. So, if your cold calling agent tries to communicate with potential customers at the wrong time, expect an irate person to answer the line.

Conversely, a text message remains in the user’s inbox until that person decides to read and delete it. The recipient can read the text at their preferred time, and reply at their convenience.

Also, consider adding opt-out actions in every text sent so your leads could easily alert you if they no longer want to receive marketing materials from your firm. You might lose a potential customer as a result, but the integrity of your brand’s name should remain intact.

Personalized Messages

You can fine-tune your texts to fit your target recipients’ needs and preferences. That way, your potential leads will know that you value their time in reading your marketing materials.

Personalize your messages by adding your lead’s name and other essential information. Craft messages based on various regions or stories to make your potential buyers believe that your messages cater to them.

Personalized messages can become powerful tools in converting cold leads to long-term paying customers. Many individuals like conversing with humans as opposed to having a conversation with chatbots. These personalized texts help create a bond from the first point of contact. Remember, first impressions can last, and it is an excellent idea to communicate well and build rapport with your potential buyers right from the start.


SMS marketing can deliver several benefits to businesses. The advantages listed in this post might not only help you with your B2B or B2C lead generation campaigns, but you can work around these ideas to customize your advertising techniques. Take advantage of modern technology and fine-tune your marketing strategies with the help of text messaging to reach new markets and improve profit margins. In this fast-paced world, use text message lead generation to help your business reach, engage with, and help leads.

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