Airtel Shifts All Customers to New Out of Bundle Rates

airtel shitfs new out of bundle rates

Airtel amazing data bundles

Airtel Kenya has announced that they have now shifted all of its customers to the new out of bundle rates which charge KES 1 per 5MB.

“Airtel understands that customers are wary of browsing out of bundle because of high data costs,” Airtel’s Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma said. “To alleviate these concerns, we are now offering all our customers the best in market out of bundle data rate of 1 bob per 5MB. With this rate customers can brose freely even without a data manager as they need not to worry about being charged more.”

Airtel has the lowest out of bundle rates in the market currently. The market’s prevailing out of bundle rates is 4.3 KES per MB, which is 21.5 times higher than Airtel’s 20 cents per MB. This means that even if your normal data bundles expire, there will be no need to panick as the out of bundle rates are quite fair.

Airtel announced these new out of bundle rates back in early December last year and we are yet to see the competition slash their out of bundle rates.

They also took the opportunity to announce in the same event new amazing data bundles that offered as much as 100% more data for the same price. Telkom is the only player that has been able to match Airtel’s new data bundles after revising them quite recently. The merger between Telkom and Airtel was also approved last month so it could mean if they finally merge, they will have a better place to compete with Safaricom in offering the best data rates in the country.

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