Instagram Testing Feature to Alert Users When It Goes Down


Last week, Facebooks apps went down – not only once but twice. The first one was a 6-hour global outage and the second one affected relatively few users. The outages meant Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were unavailable for a while.

And as usual, people flocked on Twitter to get updates on what was going on. Others took to services like Down detector to confirm the outage.

Instagram is now working on a new in-app feature that will alert its users when the platform is experiencing an outage or technical issue, and when gets resolved.

This is Instagram’s effort to be more transparent and adds that they won’t be sending a notification each time there’s an outage but when they see that its users are confused and looking for answers.

The alert will appear on your Activity Feed notifications.

The test is limited to the U.S and will run for the next few months and Instagram says that they may roll it to more users if they find that the feature is helpful.

It’s likely that this same feature may be rolled out on other Zuckerberg-owned apps including Facebook and WhatsApp.

Instagram also announced a new feature for more clarity on your account. Account Status will let users know if their content has been reported as inappropriate.

Instagram says that Account Status will be a one-stop shop for users to see what’s happening with their account and content distribution.

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