Instagram Should Make This Privacy Feature Available for All


TikTok has better privacy measures when compared to Instagram.

One of TikTok’s privacy features is the ability to hide following and follower lists on your account for both public and private accounts. This means other people can’t know which other accounts you’re following or are following you if they were to go through your handle.

Other social platforms should have this feature already.

Instagram has copied this feature and is rolling it out to some users in Ukraine and Ukraine.

This is among the features the Meta-owned platform announced to protect some users in Russia and Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. This feature ensures connections on social media are hidden which protects the users.

Facebook also removed the ability to view and search the “Friends” list for users.

These and other measures are meant to decrease Russian state propaganda including labelling state-controlled media and demoting posts from users sharing links associated with the Russian state media and had been pushing false narratives surrounding the invasion in Ukraine.

I think the ability to hide your following and follower lists should be rolled out for everyone to add a layer of protection and privacy to users on Instagram.

You should be able to choose who can see your following list. The options should include whether to publicly show your following list between Followers and Only Me. Selecting Only Me that let other users only see mutual friends.

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