TikTok Testing Clear Mode That Declutters Your Viewing Experience


TikTok is testing a new interface that changes the viewing experience on its app.

Clear Mode lets you have a distraction-free viewing experience for the videos. This mode declutters the unnecessary icons present when watching a video including the captions, usernames, audio information, likes, comments, and share buttons.

It’s pretty sweet. Especially for long-form 10-minute videos.

Clear Mode is activated when you tap and hold a video and then you are presented with a pop-up menu which options including “Add to Favourites”, “Report”, “Not Interested” and “Clear Mode”

This is a welcome change to some of us who want a distraction-free experience when you’re on the app and may increase the screentime you spend on the popular app.

But there’s a catch.

This mode has to be activated on a per video basis. This is annoying – I’d have loved it if it were enabled for the whole feed or at least have that option.

Clear Mode is available for Videos on the For You page, people’s profiles and videos shared with you in your inbox.

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It’s worth noting you can’t screen record videos when you enable this mode.

It is unclear if TikTok will widely roll out this feature.

Another interesting feature TikTok is working on is Watch History which will let you go see previously watched videos.

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