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Facebook Decided To Add Reactions To Comments Because Why Not

Facebook expanded how we could react to a post using the like button in 2015 by the launch of various reaction emojis which includes...

Instagram Lets You Turn Off Comments Or Like Someone’s Comment

The comment section is among the center piece features of any social media network and it is the place where people come to air...

Instagram Will Let You Moderate Comments In A Classic Way

Instagram, just like other social networks, grapple with abuse on their network where trolls freely comment on your post to the point where it...

Facebook Now Allows Video Comments

One of the many ways we use Facebook is commenting on our friend's comments and this has evolved from posting comments in text to...
adding videos to comments on Facebook

Facebook is testing a way to attach videos to comments

Commenting on posts is one of the core features of Facebook and for a while, it has always been basic where you just leave...

Looking for comments to your blog? 7 ways you can achieve that

Every blogger's dream is to have millions of comments, and if you are selling a product and the blog is the customer care, you wanna have...

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