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CA Backtracks Registering SIM Cards Afresh

Communication Authority has backtracked on its push for Kenyan Telcos to register all its users. The Regulator has been calling telcos Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel...

M-PESA, T-Kash and Airtel Money Agency Interoperability To Launch in 2024

The last couple of days or weeks have been interesting in the mobile money space. See, it has become apparent to many people now that...
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Safaricom Is Now Unmatched In Fixed Broadband Subscriptions

Data subscriptions in Kenya are very interesting, and each telco has been trying to expand its market share by as many units as possible. During...

How Safaricom is Stopping Illegal SIM Card Registration

As ICT regulator continues to encourage Kenyans to go re-register their SIM cards so that information can be updated in existing databases, carriers such...

Mobile Money Merchant Payment Interoperability Launch This Friday

A couple of days ago, we had learnt that the CBK was in the process of compelling Safaricom’s Lipa na M-PESA product to accept...

Safaricom Introduces New Privacy Feature for M-PESA Merchants’ Customer Data Access

Merchants will now receive customer's first name, transaction ID and  a redacted customer's phone number.

Safaricom Launches Shari’ah-compliant Mobile Loan Product, Halal Pesa

Halal Pesa, a Shari’ah-compliant mobile financing solution, has been launched in partnership with telco Safaricom and the Gulf African Bank. This makes the product the...

Safaricom Doubles Select Data Bundles for The Same Price

The talk about Safaricom mobile data being exhausted fast or costing more than the competition has been discussed widely. To be honest, there is...
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Why You Should Request for The New Safaricom Home Fibre Dual Band Router

I have been having internet issues with my Home Fibre connection for a long time now. I have also not shied away from airing...
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All M-PESA and Service Charges for 2022

With more than 64 percent market share in Kenya, safaricom is the obvious leader in the telco space. It has more than 30 million...

How Safaricom Uses Cybersecurity, IoT and The Cloud to Empower Businesses

Telco Safaricom is known across the world, but most of us are aware about a few of its products: carrier services (voice, SMS and...

Understanding Faraja, Safaricom’s Zero Percent Interest Credit Facility

Safaricom has many credit products, many of which are offered by the telco in partnership with other lenders. The likes of M-Shwari and KCB...
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Once Again, mySafaricom App Will Be Offline Tonight

A couple of days ago, Safaricom announced that mySafaricom app services would be unavailable, albeit for a short period. That was among the fewer times...

Safaricom Hits Record High 30 Million Monthly Active M-PESA Users

Telco Safaricom has revealed that its active M-PESA users have surpassed the 30-million mark. To note, this is just for Kenya customers. The development follows...

M-PESA Celebrates 15th Birthday Marked by 51M Customers, 61M Daily Transactions and 9M M-PESA App Downloads

Every Kenyan knows what M-PESA is. The mobile money product by Safaricom has grown substantially, broken many records, and has even been exported to...

How to Stop Safaricom’s Nyakua Dabo Dabo Flash SMS Notification

A couple of days ago, Safaricom launched the Nyakua Data Dabo Dabo campaign. The promotion gifts Safaricom customers 100 percent data bonus if they...
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Kenya’s 3G/4G Network Coverage Now at 96%

5G has been the talk of the town in the recent months since Safaricom began its trials across the country. But its predecessors are...

Showmax Now Costs As Low as KES 390 With 1 GB of Free Data

Safaricom and TV streaming platform Showmax have partnered in a deal that will see customers access Showmax content at a cheaper price, with some...

Safaricom 5G Now Available At Yaya Centre

5G is picking pace in the country and Safaricom, Kenya's leading telco is at the helm in terms of the rollout of its 5G...

M-PESA App Tops Charts With 5 Million Users, Adds NSSF Mini App

Safaricom’s M-PESA app is now the most downloaded and the most used Kenyan app ever. It has garnered 5 million customers, a feat that has...
Safaricom Home Fibre Router

Safaricom Is Offering Discounts For Select Home Fibre Customers

We have our many shares of reservations about home internet in Kenya, but nothing comes close to the offerings of Safaricom Home Fibre. The product,...
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Safaricom M-PESA Xpress Continues To Be Great But It Fails Too Many Times

Safaricom M-PESA Xpress has been around for more than four years. The feature was launched by the operator to see Kenyans pay easily for apps...
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Safaricom is Building a $100 Million Data Centre in Ethiopia

Safaricom operations in Ethiopia have since started following years of lobbying and waiting for approvals from various state agencies in the country. It makes sense...
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These Are Safaricom Fuliza Charges for 2022

Safaricom’s overdraft facility Fuliza was launched back in 2019. It has grown to become of the company’s leading revenue generators, and for good reason. It is...

Counting the Psychological and Financial Cost of Safaricom’s Fuliza

Data from operator Safaricom reveals that millions of Kenyans are using its overdraft facility, Fuliza. Introduced back in 2019, the facility has grown substantially and...
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Amid Termination Rates Debate, Small Telcos Insist Safaricom Practices Anticompetitive Behaviour

The mobile termination rates (MRTs) debate has been ongoing for a couple of days now, and that’s for good reason because there are some...
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How Revised Termination Rates Ease Financial Burden From Airtel, Telkom Kenya

Towards the end of 2021, ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) announced plans to cut call termination rates, also referred to as...
Safaricom Home Fibre Router

How to Reserve Cash on Your Safaricom Home Fibre Account

The holidays have been good, and will officially end over the weekend. January, as it happens for some people, is a tough month with bills...

Safaricom Says CA Uprocedurally Developed New Termination Rates So It Is Opposing Them

Last week, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) announced that it had revised call termination rates downwards from KES 0.99 to KES 0.12 per...

Safaricom Takes Another Shot At Music Streaming With BAZE Music At KES 200 Per Month

A couple of months ago, Safaricom launched BAZE. It is a video-on-demand platform, which the carrier said had been in development for more than...
Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

Safaricom Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Now Includes Phones from TECNO, itel

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo was launched sometime in 2020. The program, which for some time has been run by telco Safaricom and Google, sees that Kenyans...
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Safaricom M-PESA App Ads Are Here But They Are Not So Intrusive

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Safaricom was in the process of supplementing its popular super-app M-PESA with ads. The development, of...

Safaricom to Move Drought Funds via M-PESA for Free

Telco Safaricom has today revealed a new collaboration with the Kenya government to facilitate free mobile money transfer to drought-stricken households in 23 Arid...

Safaricom Christmas Promotion Includes Google Street View Treasure Hunt Worth KES 1 Million in Prizes

Operator Safaricom has revealed a Christmas campaign named ‘Pokea Uteo Wa Furaha.’ The promotion will run for a month, having gone live officially on Dec...
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Safaricom Invites Bids For Smart Meters System With Kenya Power

In an attempt to fix weaknesses in its current power delivery system, Kenya Power recently signed a deal with Safaricom to install new electricity...