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Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive

Have you by any chance heard of Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky One? If you're a keen follower of matters Sports and especially...
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Microsoft won’t own the name SkyDrive for long, after infringing on Trademark

Microsoft wont be using the name SkyDrive to trade with for their cloud product. This is after a UK court ruled that the Redmond...
Office 365 for iPhone

Eons later, Office 365 is available for the iPhone

  Looks like Apple finally pulled the right strings or Microsoft saw the light, or both. It will no-longer suck to own an iPhone from...

SkyDrive Hits 250M Users, Google Expands Drive Storage to 15GB In Reactionary Move

Just days after Microsoft announced that its cloud storage offering, SkyDrive has hit the 250 million users mark, there’s some quick reaction from Mountain...
Google docs

Google is not a team player, and other short stories

Microsoft has two videos that project Google docs as unreliable. This is not about Google versus Microsoft, so the idea that the videos were...
Skydrive 250M

Skydrive Hits 250 million users according to Microsoft

Skydrive has hit 250 million users according to Microsoft. Microsoft has positioned Skydrive to be the default cloud storage for Windows Phone 8 users...
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Outlook.com comes out of preview with 60 Million users

Microsoft's mail service Outlook.com has now left Beta and is now ready to take on giant Gmail. Microsoft says that during preview, Outlook.com signed...
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Skydrive hits 1 billion, opens up document editing

Microsoft's cloud storage and file sharing service Skydrive has now hit 1 billion in terms of documents stored online. Microsoft has Skydrive deeply integrated...
Windows 8 Launch Nairobi

Windows 8 Launches in Kenya

Windows 8 officially landed in Nairobi, with a promise to take the user experience through the roof. The way you used to do things...
Microsoft Surface

Re-imagining Microsoft

On October 26th 2012, MICROSOFT will launch Windows 8, the next iteration of its widely popular operating system. However, to call Windows 8 an...
Office 2013 preview

Office 2013 ushers in the New Age of Software Delivery

After installing Office2013 on both Windows 8 and Windows 7, I have to say it's a fantastic upgrade. If you haven't got it yet,...
Cloud Computing

The Era of Cloud Storage Services

If you are able to read this post chances are that you have been an online slave to the unending prevalence of the big buzz...

Google drive rumours and discontinuation of 32GB Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is unlike many other Android devices. It has no memory slot and was announced with 16 and 32GB mass storage options....