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Google Suspends Allo Which Has Been a Ghost Town Since Launch

Bad news to the few Allo users out there
instagram and snapchat locations

This is How Social Networking Sites Would Look Like If They Were Locations

We have had social networking sites for over a decade now and they have shaped how we communicate with each other. In the past,...
kenyans enjoy faster lte speeds than Wi-Fi

Uganda Wants To Tax Social Media Users Kshs 3 daily

Almost two weeks ago, Uganda's President, Yoweri Museveni said he was planning to introduce taxes on social media platforms, apparently since people use them...
Reddit new design

Reddit is Rolling Out its New Redesign in Over a Decade

Reddit is one of those social networks that have largely stuck with their classic user interface since  the mid 2000s. When other networks moved...
sate of internet kenya 2017

BAKE’s State of the Internet Report 2017: WhatsApp Still The Most Popular Network in Kenya

Internet use in the country has seen tremendous growth and this is thanks to the wide adoption of mobile phones, 3G and 4G network...
raila odinga swearing in twitter gaffe

Raila Odinga’s Twitter Bio Gaffe was the Highlight During His ‘Swearing In’

In today's world, you cannot escape the political talk on social networks, which is natural since people use this platforms to talk about their...

YouTube Has Made it Quite Hard For Smaller Channels to Monetize

YouTube has grown immensely since its roots as a video repository before being acquired by Google. It now has 1.5 billion monthly active users...
social media crowdfunding

Social Media Possesses Immense Opportunities for Kenyan Startup Funding

Social media has had an unparalleled impact on the world. While the jury is still out on whether the general impact has been positive...
uganda communications commission

Uganda Wants To Launch its Own Social Media Platforms This Year

Uganda wants to have its own Facebook or Twitter
Monitor children instagram

Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Child on Instagram

Monitoring children activity on social media moved from a want to a need, especially on Instagram where children will be influenced easily.

CA and NCIC Urge Kenyans To Use Social Media Responsibly During The Elections Or Be Held Accountable

CA and NCIC issue stern warnings against Kenyans regarding use of social media during the repeat election or face consequences

Styrofoam Said to Contain Essential Nutrients for Humans – Research

In a research done while you wait, styrofoam has been found to be indeed healthy to eat by humans who have lost their mind....

Guy Requests For a Simple Photoshop Job, Didn’t Go As Planned

This is why we signed up for Twitter

Deviant Behaviour on Social Media Should be Recognized as a Disorder – Expert

Social networking sites might have made it easier for people to communicate with their friends or connect with random strangers from around the world. However,...

Using Social Media for Good- Interview With RescueBnB’s Sallinder Nyawira

This is a great example of how social media can be used for humanitarian work effectively
Petition buy Twitter ban trump

This Lady Wants to Buy Twitter so She can Ban Donald Trump

People are sick of Trump's tweets
solar eclipse

10 Amazing Photos of The Solar Eclipse That Hit the Internet in the Right Spot

The total solar eclipse Americans were fortunate to experience was quite the spectacle and people took photos of it
online gaming

How has the Popularity of Online Gaming Affected the Internet Sector?

Having a faster Internet speed has nowadays become an absolute necessity due to the incredible growth of gaming industry. One of the main reasons...
Privacy and convenience

The Thin Line Between Convenience and Privacy – Opinion

When it comes to the choice between convenience and privacy, very few people can honestly pick one over the other. Most of us want...
social media

New Media a Bubble? Burst That Thought

A recent study by Kenya Audience Research Foundation (KARF) on media consumption in Kenya has elicited a battle between Traditional and New Media. Dubbed...
celebrities instagram rich rist

Celebrities And Influencers Are Making A Ton Of Money Per Post On Instagram

They can just live entirely on their sponsored posts on Instagram

58% of Kenyan Youth Agree The Government Should Regulate Social Media – GeoPoll

Social media tends to be used by the youth more than the older generation and they use these platforms to share content or to...

WhatsApp Is Testing Business Chat Tools – Report

Most social networks are free to use but they cost money to run them. This means eventually, you will get to see them implementing...

South Africa Is Contemplating Regulating Social Media And Tackling Fake News

The rise of social media usage in the last decade has caught governments all over the world unawares since it has made communication easier...

Kenyans Feel Shortchanged as Kenya Railway Shares Visuals of New Trains Interior

  One of the biggest projects Kenya has ever undertaken is the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project which involved building a new railway line and...

5 Products Acquired by Facebook that Immensely Shaped Social Media as we Know it Today

Facebook, as we know it today, is a very large public company. It is also the undisputed king of social media. But it has...
Internet habits

Internet Marketing 2017: Three Bad Habits You Should Definitely Quit This Year

Every internet marketing professional has certain habits that he may not even be aware of. And these habits are holding a lot of them back in a big way.

CA Has Spent Kshs 600 million On A Social Media Monitoring System For The Election – Report

According to a report, the Communications Authority of Kenya has spent Kshs 600 million on a social media monitoring system

Turkish Butcher Became An Unlikely Celebrity Thanks To His Eccentric Skills

Well this butcher's antics has made social media light up

What are the Social Media Predictions for 2017?

It is a new year and another chance to speculate what might happen on the social media front in 2017.

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