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Bishop kiuna instagram

Flamboyant Kenyan Pastor is Latest to Download Internet Pictures for Show

Someone once said that what goes up into the internet never goes down. This comes true when over the weekend when social media came...

The Internet Decided To Photoshop This Cute Baby Turtle And It Is Crazy

In the world of photoshop, there are no bounds and Reddit did just that to a baby turtle

Reuters Built A Tool To Verify News Posted On Twitter

Reuters built an algorithm that scours the various posts on Twitter to distinguish the real news from the fake ones.

People Contributed Hundreds Of Dollars to Watch a Pointless Live-Stream of Earth Excavations

A company asked people to contribute money for them to dig a hole and they actually raised a lot of money.

Key Stats About Blogging And Social Media Use From The State Of Internet In Kenya Report

BAKE released their annual State of the Internet In Kenya for 2016 and here are some of the key stats about blogging and social media use for the country.

Drones Were Used To Make This Video Of Various Scenic Locations in Africa

Multiple drones were used in making of this epic video of various locations in Africa

Request For ‘Voluntary’ Photography Job on Facebook Becomes Unexpected Lesson

Photographers on a Facebook group were not amused by a request to do voluntary photography work.

Redditor Asks A Question About Life Tips And The Responses Are Gold

Someone decided to ask Reddit about what crappy advice they would find if life had a loading screen, and of course people responded.

The New Game On Twitter Is Guessing People’s Occupation

People on Twitter are uploading photos of themselves and waiting for others to comment about what their occupation could be

The Internet Did Not Ignore Obama’s Awkward Meeting With Trump

Yesterday, a planned meetup of President Obama and the President-elect Donald Trump happened at the Oval office in the White House. It was the...

New Media Outdid Traditional Media in US Presidential Coverage

We now know who the President of the United States is, and people vehemently expressed their feelings about it on social networks like Twitter....
captain america gives up

Captain America Loses Faith in the Country he Jealously Guarded

USA's general election was held yesterday and the whole world was waiting for the results of the election, especially the presidential one. The two...

Social Media Uproar Forces Influencer To Pull Down Post

This is why you need to be careful before posting branded content on social media because people are watching.

The Mannequin Challenge Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll See On Twitter

There is a trending challenge on Twitter and it is dubbed the 'Mannequin Challenge' which is the latest weird thing that people on Twitter are engaging in.

Manchester United Fans are Probably Nearing Breaking Point Going by These Tweets

Manchester United fans were clearly not amused by their team's loss yesterday and they decided to vent out their frustrations on Twitter.

Collins Word of The Year List Is Greatly Influenced By Social Media

Collins dictionary have compiled a list of the words of the year and some of them are thanks to social media.

Ethiopians Risk Imprisonment If They Use Social Media During State Of Emergency

One of the things that have been banned in Ethiopia is the use of social media and it carries a risk of being jailed

Using Social Media To Showcase Art: Interview With Ian Muindi

We interviewed Ian Muindi, an artist who has used social media to showcase his sketches to much acclaim from people

Obama and Putin Get The Photoshop Treatment on Reddit

Obama and Putin shaked hands at a G20 summit in China and a particular photo became the subject of a Photoshop treatment on Reddit.

Trump Tried To Woo Millenials Using A Photo of His Children And It Didn’t Go As Expected

Trump decided to woo the millenial vote using a photo posted on Twitter which featured his children, but it didn't go as planned.

Tweeting Videos of the Rio Olympics May Get Your Account Shut Down

The Olympics are on and as usual, there's the fair amount of drama that accompanies them that interests us. On Friday, this screengrab of an...

Twitter’s Research Revealed Its Core Problems and They are Doing Something About It

Twitter is a global brand for sure and it is known as the social network to get the latest breaking news and trending topics...

This Snapchat Feature Will Let You Recommend Accounts to Your Friends With Ease

Snapchat is quite popular and it registers active users in the hundreds of millions each day. However, there is a problem in that there...

Kenyan Social Media Uncovers a Ruling Where Kenyan Judge Quoted Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a really popular TV show from HBO based on a series of books and judging from the amount of the...

Uganda’s President Took a Phone call by the Roadside and Twitter Instantly Erupted

A random photo of Yoweri Museveni taking a phone call by the roadside was turned into a meme on Twitter

Ethiopia is the Latest Country to Block Access to Social Networking Sites

Countries blocking Internet access has taken limelight these past few users and the authorities have different reasons of doing that. Since social networking sites...
WhatsApp blocked in Zimbabwe

Reports Suggest WhatsApp Has Been Banned in Zimbabwe

Social media use is common nowadays but authorities all over the world have been blocking access to these platforms of late around the world...

This is Why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Trending in Kenya

Kenya has had its fair share of state visits by high ranking government officials from other countries like the highly publicized visit by Obama...
Android Nougat

Android N is Now Nougat: People Wanted it to be Nutella so Bad

Immediate user feedback after Google announced the name of the next version of Android points to many disappointed as they wished for Nutella.

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