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Trump Tried To Woo Millenials Using A Photo of His Children And It Didn’t Go As Expected

Trump decided to woo the millenial vote using a photo posted on Twitter which featured his children, but it didn't go as planned.

Tweeting Videos of the Rio Olympics May Get Your Account Shut Down

The Olympics are on and as usual, there's the fair amount of drama that accompanies them that interests us. On Friday, this screengrab of an...

Twitter’s Research Revealed Its Core Problems and They are Doing Something About It

Twitter is a global brand for sure and it is known as the social network to get the latest breaking news and trending topics...

This Snapchat Feature Will Let You Recommend Accounts to Your Friends With Ease

Snapchat is quite popular and it registers active users in the hundreds of millions each day. However, there is a problem in that there...

Kenyan Social Media Uncovers a Ruling Where Kenyan Judge Quoted Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a really popular TV show from HBO based on a series of books and judging from the amount of the...

Uganda’s President Took a Phone call by the Roadside and Twitter Instantly Erupted

A random photo of Yoweri Museveni taking a phone call by the roadside was turned into a meme on Twitter

Ethiopia is the Latest Country to Block Access to Social Networking Sites

Countries blocking Internet access has taken limelight these past few users and the authorities have different reasons of doing that. Since social networking sites...
WhatsApp blocked in Zimbabwe

Reports Suggest WhatsApp Has Been Banned in Zimbabwe

Social media use is common nowadays but authorities all over the world have been blocking access to these platforms of late around the world...

This is Why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Trending in Kenya

Kenya has had its fair share of state visits by high ranking government officials from other countries like the highly publicized visit by Obama...
Android Nougat

Android N is Now Nougat: People Wanted it to be Nutella so Bad

Immediate user feedback after Google announced the name of the next version of Android points to many disappointed as they wished for Nutella.

In the Future You May be Asked for Your Social Media Info When Travelling to the US

Humans are social beings and that is why social networking platforms have quite popular. They have become part of everyday life, especially for millennials...

Social Media Reacts Emotionally After Lionel Messi Quits International Football

Messi announced he is retiring from playing for his country and social media erupted from the shocking news
Straight Outta Europe

How Twitter Reacted After the “Brexit” Referendum Result

Today was a momentous day for the United Kingdom. The country and the whole world waited for the results of their referendum which stated:...

Study reveals most people really don’t click through articles posted on Twitter

Reading articles online is not a new thing and we have been doing it for years on the desktop or on mobile. For a...

Algeria Temporarily Blocked Social Media Access Due to Exam Leaks

  Social networks have been with us for over a decade and they have become a part of our daily lives. People end up sharing...
facebook for web has a new UR

Facebook User Now Famous for “Predicting” Clinton win Outed by Technology

A lot of people were fooled today by what this guy posted on Facebook.
Monkey on Gitaru Power Plant

How a Monkey Took Over Kenyan Social Media

Yesterday, a rare thing happened in Kenya. We are usually accustomed to the planned power outages for maintenance and localized outages when there is...

The Curious Case of How Kenyans Turn Negatives into Humour

As a country, we experience a lot of downsides every week and despite these unfortunate outcomes, we find a way of creating humour out...

The Eiffel Tower will be Linked to Social Media Posts During Euro 2016 Tournament

Football matches usually generate a lot of interest on social media and specifically on Twitter due to the fact that the platform is perfect...

Research reveals Facebook is still crucial for publishers who are targeting readers on mobile

Social media is where people spend most of their time on the internet and this is a huge audience. Facebook for example has over...
Brian Mbunde

The Making of Brian Mbunde into a Social Media Pro – Interview

The rise of digital marketing has introduced a relatively new set of careers for people out there and one of the careers is being...

This lady has an interesting hobby of making very realistic cakes and body art

We all engage in different hobbies during our leisure time away from our normal routine. Some engage in leisure, others decide to read articles...

Banking Snafu takes Social Media Casualty in Kenya

This week has been quite the ride on social media and it was centered around the banking industry, specifically towards Chase Bank. The bank...
north korea bans social media

North Korea is reportedly blocking access to social media websites

Social media has brought together people from a certain society together and even made the world more connected than ever. This is power on...
millie odhiambo

Kenyan MP’s Photo Quickly Turned to Meme after Parliament Gaffe

Yesterday, the President delivered the State of the Nation Address in Parliament and this event had its share of debacle on the floor of...

KFCB wants to regulate social media and people are not too happy about it

The Kenya Film Classification Board has been using social media of late to express the regulator's opinions on certain issues that are apparently within...
kdis using facebook

Is Your Kid Safe on Facebook? Stay In the Know with Parental Monitoring Apps

Today, most of the parents are struggling with what they can do when their young kids aspire to join Facebook. There are no clear-cut...
social media monitoring and censorship

Zambia might follow Tanzania in Banning Social Media in Government Offices

In June 2015 during the World Social Media day, Senior Director Digital Media for the Kenya government, Dennis Itumbi said the government has an elaborate...

Grandpa made burgers for his 6 grandchildren, 5 didn’t show up so Twitter reacted

Going viral is a random thing that happens on social media. It could be basically a random nondescript post done by some random person...

Samsung has a new social network named after a type of pastry

The good thing about modern day social networks is the variety. They are all formed with the intention to solve a certain aspect of...

Turkey bans Social Media Networks over an Explosion

Yesterday, there was an unfortunate incident where there was an explosion in Turkey's capital, Ankara. It led to over 30 people being killed and...
Instagram ban on certain words is rather futile

Instagram’s Quest to ban Certain Words is Futile – Study

Instagram has been moderating the use of some words, hashtags or emojis for a while now and was once even rumoured to be working...
Social Media small brains

Scholar Says Social Media is Shrinking our Brains, no cause for Worry Though

Social media is addictive, no doubt about that and since humans are social beings, you may find yourself spending an awful amount of time...

This year’s Oscars broke the record for the most tweets sent in a minute for the award show

Twitter is a great place to follow a live event or talk about it and the company knows that fact very well. They have...

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