The Mannequin Challenge Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll See On Twitter


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If you have used Twitter for a while, you may have come across several challenges that have come up in the last few years. Some of them include the infamous planking challenge where people lay flat on surfaces, Harlem Shake, Selfie Olympics,  Running Man challenge and many more.

Well, there is another one and it is as ridiculous as the above competitions done by people on Twitter. The name? Mannequin challenge.

For those people who don’t know what mannequins are, they are those human-like contraptions that are used in boutiques for displaying the clothes that are being sold in the shop. Since they are inanimate, they are usually in a fixed position and this was the premise of this challenge.

In the Mannequin Challenge, a group of people mimic the freeze-frame action we see in movies while someone comes around filming the whole scene checking out the action. From the videos, the more the people and weirder the positions they’re in, the better the video and the challenge has already brought forth very interesting videos.

Most of these videos are being made on American schools, whether in class, the corridor or outside. It is not limited to schools though because there are some that were filmed in a gym, homes and other random locations.

The illusion that time has been frozen and the person filming is inspecting the whole scene while playing Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beetles (mostly) is eerie but still awesome. Check out some of the videos that have been shared below.


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