Samsung takes NFC inhouse, partners with Felica Network

Samsung Felica NFC

Samsung Felica NFCYou might be seeing better integration of NFC on Samsung devices, it might almost come naturally. This will be due to the announcement that Samsung made where they are partnering with FeliCa Networks of Japan to develop NFC(Near Field Communication) chips. Samsung aims to support full adoption of NFC-based mobile wallet in Japan.

The two new partners aim to take it further, to global so dont be surprised if Samsung came popping with a mobile money solution soon! Felica has NFC phone applications that are downloadable  to the NFC enabled phone and a user can use the app to pay for  transit tickets, e-money, credit cards, entertainment tickets , coupons, membership cards, loyalty cards and also as house keys.

Under the partnership, Samsung will develop NFC-SAM (Secure Application Module) chips with advanced security capabilities and an NFC controller compliant with international standard ISO/IEC 14443/18092 whereas FeliCa will provide key technologies to Samsung. Moreover, the NFC-SAM chips will be compatible with FeliCa (NFC-F) readers and Osaifu-Keitai (mobile wallet) phones.


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