All .COM Domains belong to the US and the Government can play with them

Domain Seized

Domain SeizedYou thought that just because you own a .com, .net, .org or .biz domain name, and all other Top Level Domain Names(TLDs), that you are safe from uncle Sam and other Governments? Think again. The US government has asserted the authority and claimed it has control over all of them and can tak down your website irrespective of whether you registered it from within the US or in the viscera of Kasakstan.

A perfect example is when they shut the site last week, a website registered in Canada but the actual managers of the .com and other top level domain names are in the US, the Public Interest Registry based in Virginia. And that includes any foreign domain names registered with a Verisign subcontractor The US Government says that it has the right to seize any .com, .net, .org or .biz domain names since the companies contracted to administer them are on US soil, says Nichole Navas, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman. Read more here:

And they have done this a hundred times! You thought we were free! The US claims they dont need any help from your Government Officials to take you down, its within their capacities. Coming Local, that’s in Kenya, the scenario is even worse, the domain names monitoring activity is pegged on who feels what about your domain and its activities. And can be taken down in a fraction if they didnt please them.