Samsung partners with Zalego to host developer bootcamp

Samsung developer Bootcamp kenya

Samsung developer Bootcamp kenyaSamsung partnered with Zalego to host a developer bootcamp hosted at KCA University, Nairobi on the 9th of June. This is first among a series of 4 that aims to get Kenyan developers understand how to work with Android apps.The dates for the next bootcamps are 16th, 23rd and 30th of June. Samsung is globally number one Android devices manufacturer and also hosts Android apps in its in-house application store, the Samsung Apps store.

Samsung has been pushing developers locally in each region to get their apps to Samsung apps, a platform which is free in several regions, including Kenya. This is a way to boost the local experience of the Samsung phone user by giving them a chance to experience local content. It also gives the developer the much needed boost by making the android users aware of their apps, hence boosting downloads and use.Samsung has been featuring apps in Samsung App store for several developers to boost awareness and discoverability.

The developer bootcamp was attended by more than 120 developers who got to the chance to better understand developing for Android, what requirements you need and what is available for you if you use the Samsung Apps Store. Developers were from 8 Universities in Kenya. The bootcamps are subsidized by Samsung, making them free to attend for the developers.

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