Safaricom makes “Night Shift” a Tariff and reduces out of bundle prices

Safaricom Data bundles

Safaricom Data bundlesSafaricom, in the quest to increase spending on mobile data, has made the night shift bundle offer a tariff, now called Night Shift Data Tariff and added some permanence to the offer. In this tariff, users who purchase a bundle of either 1.5GB, 3GB or 8GB gets a 50% bonus, useable only at night from 10pm to 10am. The bonus data will be valid for 14 days. Free bundles will not be reactivated by purchase of new bundles. If your 14 days expire without using night shift bundles, you lose them, even if you buy new data bundles. The service is available for both pre-pay and post-pay customers. The service is already active as from Friday the 9th of November.

While at it, Safaricom also halved the price of out-of-bundle pricing, to be Kshs. 4 down from 8 bob. This is on a 2 month promotion starting today the 12th November to 12th January 2013. If you guys behave well this might go permanent, you never know (these are my words). Both Pre-Pay and Post-Pay customers are in.Works whether you had any bundles purchased or not, if you run out of bundles, this is the pricing you meet.