New Samsung Series 7 Chronos to have GPU bump and full HD

New Samsung Series 7 Chronos

New Samsung Series 7 ChronosSamsung Series 7 Chronos has been on my Wishlist for some time now, well, it seems Samsung has been working on an even better Series 7 Chronos. You know, I am not really a gamer, but I just could become.

Samsung just listed a video showcasing a new AMD Radeon HD 8870M chip in the line of graphics that will just go ahead to make this super-powerful work machine an all-round thing. Samsung also adds that the laptop will pack full HD resolution display at 1920 x 1080 and add JBL speakers to it. More juice on the side of RAM acceleration will see app loading get a boost of 1.5 times fast.

CES is coming in a few days and this could be one of the devices to be showcased at the event. How soon this will be shipping is anyone’s guess. Samsung, come take my money now.


    • Wait till you see the Ultrabook version, not much in terms of storage, but the rest of it is super-awesome; design, memory, graphics, load time and a 10 point multi touch screen.
      I wouldn’t care about the convertibles.

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