It’s a Slow News Day: HTC Throws Jabs at Samsung About Galaxy S5

HTC Twitter jab

HTC Twitter jabIt’s quite sometime since we last saw some sideshows from mobile phone brands on Twitter. When they appear they are always creative and hilarious, remember this one that went on and on? Again it was HTC who started the fight on Samsung and LG later joined in the fun. HTC made it a habit, and Nokia also hopped in on this fun.  Now HTC has though to go back that path by throwing a jab at Samsung. You know, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was joked out to look like band aid, particularly the gold version by those who felt strongly against the design of the device. Now this ghost has come back and it’s carried by HTC which lumps two other colours to it.

Remember that HTC calls their device HTC One M8 the best smartphone of 2014 and even calls out on the Internet to tell us who the winner is. The jab they just threw says:

“One of these things is not like the other” and tagged is an image of the HTC One M8 with three band aids to the left in three colours, shades of black, Blue and gold. Of course it’s evident they are trying to show how the design of the One M8 is better than the Galaxy S5.

Who can bet that Samsung is working on their comeback as we speak?


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