Microsoft to Release Office for Android Touch Ahead Of Windows Tablets Version

Office 365

Office 365As found out by The Verge, Microsoft is calling out for Android tablet users to Beta test the Office Touch for Android pre-release on the Android platform. As you might be aware, the battle is on between Microsoft and Google to outdo each other in getting users of their respective cloud products. These are Office 365 + OneDrive among others for Microsoft and Google Apps + Google Drive for Google.

Goes as far as repricing to positioning each one’s respective products where many users are. Microsoft acknowledges that there are more users on Android tablets than on Windows Tablets and wants to go where they are. Makes much sense. Microsoft already released Office Mobile for iPad, Office for iPhone and one for Android to get all these users consuming Redmond products. Office is available for use on Windows tablets, but it’s not the same as the one developed from ground up for the iPad to be optimized specifically for touch.

Google on the other hand pushed the Android apps version of Google Apps to also have the all round presence in mobile and web. Microsoft is calling out for both individuals and companies to register and get the BETA version.

Via The Verge