Airtel Teases Safaricom’s Mpesa Downtime with New Ad


Airtel took no chances and swiped a jab at Safaricom’s Mpesa down time taking place over the weekend. In a new, cunning and provocative advertisement, placed in the Airtel’s social media pages on Friday 17th April 2015, Airtel threw a punch at its greatest competitor – a move that has sparked varied reactions on social media.

Airtel Money Mpesa Tease

To some, this was a great move by Airtel which is Safaricom’s greatest competition. The ad was perceived as normal healthy competition between rivals. Here’s what online users had to say on Facebook:

Airtel Money Mpesa Tease 2

Others thought the Airtel ad was too opportunistic and a “low blow”  to Safaricom’s efforts to upgrade its Mpesa service. Here’s what the users had to say:

Airtel Money Mpesa Tease 1

Supremacy wars over market share between the two rival telecoms has been a common place over the past decade. According to the latest Communications Authority of Kenya report, Airtel increased its subscriber base market share  from 16.5% (5.40 million subscribers) to 22.6% (7.61 million subscribers), while Safaricom still maintains a lead market share of 67.4% (22.66 million subscribers).


  1. I call this over-confidence. In my opinion and after using both, Airtel, it’s main services are not of good quality.

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