Kenya Government allocates Kshs 2.6 Billion to Primary Schools for purchase of Laptop Desks

laptop project


The government has been keen on implementing the laptop program, a key element of the Jubilee manifesto. Last month, the government announced that the consortia of Moi University– JP SA Couto and Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT)- Positivo BGH won the Kshs. 17 Billion tender to supply laptops.

Following the awarding of the tender, the consortia begun a pilot for the project which begun on February 22nd targeting 150 schools. The schools were selected based off availability of electricity, teacher training, desks and storage of devices. The proof of concept stage will gauge the ability to deliver the devices as per the specifications. According to the tender documents, the devices include 14-inch laptops for teachers,  10 inch tablets for students, while special need pupils will have 12 inch laptops with brail key boards, head phones and an embosser.

Following the completion of the proof of concept stage, implementation will follow with 600,000 devices delivered to 11,000 schools by September 2016 while the next batch will be delivered by June 2017. The government has now announced the setting aside of Kshs. 2.6 Billion to purchase furniture to be used by students once they receive the laptop devices. This will give each of the 22,000 schools Kshs. 207,000 to undertake the project. The government has also issued out Kshs. 1.2 Billion for storage facilities of the devices according to Daily Nation. Delivery is split between the consortia with Moi University supplying 26 counties while JKUAT supplies 21 counties.